Go for it!
Ask for your custom demo

By now you probably have a good idea of what KONNEK™  can do for you. But wouldn’t it be great to have a “real” demo with your company logo, address, expert emails, and relevant documents?

Remember when we mentioned KONNEK™ deploys quickly? Contact us and we will be glad to build, with you, a “real” demo using your own data.

Your colleagues, partners, and customers will be able to scan a typical tag and directly land on a web page automatically built by KONNEK™ for your needs.  The possibilities are endless!

WaterOEM is a fictitious Original Equipment Manufacturer specialized in water treatment equipment.
Scan the QR Code or click “LIVE EXAMPLE” to see a typical equipment page.
Try it first as a public viewer, then try it as an account owner with the below credentials…
Username = wato.joe
Password = JOMO2018