KONNEK is a simple yet powerful solution to create and manage connections between Equipment, suppliers, and End-Users. It combines a Software as a Service (SaaS) application and special equipment tags to create and manage dynamic 3-way connections between all stakeholders.

The concept is straightforward. Each equipment is equipped with a coded tag generated by KONNEK™. The information relevant to this equipment, (i.e. documentation, drawings, dashboard, videos, expert contacts, alerts, and monitoring/IOT interface) is loaded in KONNEK and automatically linked to the proper tag. A simple scan of the tag brings the user directly to the web page automatically created by for that equipment.


Secure and powerful IOT platform
IOT made simple for your needs

Customers want advanced services. Suppliers have the expertise and experience. Assets are already generating tons of data. KONNEK finally provides the missing link… a secure, simple and powerful platform enabling fast and affordable IOT / IIOT / Industry 4.0 deployments for all stakeholders

Don’t let them “Google“ it!
Put your info right on the product!

Why should your customers have to search the web to find information about products they already own? If your customers are “Googling it“, your business will be handled by a competitor!

Don’t waste the time and money you have invested in building your customer base.
Use KONNEK to build lasting connections between your customers, your company and your products.

Boost aftermarket sales
increase profitability

It is a known fact that aftermarket sales are more profitable than new product sales. Therefore selling more parts, consumables and value-added services will boost your profitability!

In contrast, developing a new customer costs 7 times more than keeping an existing one. As a result, repeat business is great for your bottom line!

KONNEK™ gives you the tools to build and maintain lasting customer relationships that translate into recurring sales.

PC, phone & tablet

KONNEK is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application. You have no software to buy, download or maintain. Anyone with a smartphone, PC or tablet can use KONNEK. And because it is user-friendly, suppliers, customers and products are connected in a matter of hours!
Connect & Share
Find faster, sell more and improve Customer Experience
Intuitive and easy to use for all
Data Security
KONNE uses the highest data security standards
24/7/365 Worlwide
Accessible by your customer and yourself around the clock and where it is needed… near the product!
Speed matters! Make it easier and faster for your customers to find you. KONNEK™ enables you to reap the benefits of a better Customer Experience and customer loyalty in a matter of hours!

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